About the Artist

Anthony Joseph Bartoletti is a young artist that specializes in the realm of analog geometric art. He began embarking on this journey of pattern, shape, and dimension shorty before the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Over the start of the pandemic A.J., finding himself in an uncertain period of isolated darkness and change, began drawing over 10 hours per day. Reaching to this art as a form of self-therapy and meditation his resonance was felt as lights illuminated, doors opened, and he felt rejuvenated with a powerful new sense of purpose and connection with our world. 

Always aspiring to elevate his craft further A.J. has inspired many others to practice and pursue exploring this sacred art. All of A.J.'s works are drawn methodically by hand on a drafting table using basic squares, straight edges, and a humble compass. Combining knowledge of strict Euclidean geometry, old-school and modern perspective drawing principals, and analytical pattern and design concepts, his work depicts both two- and three-dimensional space with beauty, detail, and precision. Every line dedicates a purpose and is meticulously calculated and diligently inked with pens of varying line weight. Within the illustrations one can see A.J.'s entire drafting process from start to finish—geometric grids, proportions, construction lines, and final outlined forms are all superimposed onto a single sheet of black paper. Among the chaos of each illustration emerges a system of coherence, visual order, and structure.